Aug 12th 2011


We Will Be Streaming the Preseason

{Saints vs 49ers}

Game @ The Burrito Juke Joint

We’re also kicking out

¡Thai Coconut Noodle Bowls!

Be There and Be Fed…


The Burrito Magicians

Saturday Night

Saturday Night ~ August 6th

Burrito Juke Joint



7 pm



Movie Tonight

Swing by The Burrito Juke Joint tonight for a the SHOWING of:

School Daze

Introducing Entrees

We’ve been doing The Burrito Juke Joint for a few months now and are growing every week.  

We are introducing a special ENTREE this week:

{Ginger Chicken}


{Caramelized Cauliflower with toasted almonds, Garden Herbs}

and a side of


There won’t be many so make sure you get one before they sell out!

*Burrito Magicians

{We are BACK! this week with live music from HONORABLE SOUTH and raw pizzas from LIVE LYVE. We are also featuring an ENTREE this week. Caramelized Cauliflower with toasted almonds and garden herbs – Ginger Chicken and a side of Maduros. There won’t be many so get it before it sells out!

DJ Soul Sister + Fashion Lab

Friday, July 1st 

~ The Burrito Juke Joint ~


Fashion Lab





Spinning from 8:00 pm – Midnight

June 24th will b ill.

June 24th915 N. Dupre St.

Melaphyre will be blessing the MIC at the Juke Joint this FRIDAY

Check’em out:

The man’s NICE

Burritos~Drinks~Quesadillas~Live Music~Great Vibe~Nachos~Maduros~Good People~DJ’s~Chicken Coupe~Magicians

This is a night you DONT want to miss. 

The Burrito Magicians